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     The carpet cleaning service was cheap and took no time at all. Erith Carpet Cleaning rejuvenated my carpet and for that, I was very thankful.
F. Brookes19/05/2020
     I was recently promoted at work. One of my new responsibilities is to hire a professional cleaning service to clean our office a few times a month. One call to ErithCarpetCleaners was all I needed. They are the only office cleaning company that I'll ever use.
Stella Killion20/09/2019
     The cleaners from ErithCarpetCleaners are miracle workers. You should see how hard working and efficient they are, not to mention really friendly and polite too. They arrived at my home on time and got straight to work without delay. And they did a terrific job of cleaning. I definitely recommend them.
Susan Ward21/04/2016
     After finalizing the decision to move ahead with the house move, I needed a cleaner who would help me with the end of lease cleanup. The cleaners from Erith Cleaning Services were wonderful and I have hired them for the new place too. Thank you so much!
Pat B.01/12/2015
     I am happy to speak of my experience with ErithCarpetCleaners their expert cleaning support. I had been finding it difficult to get my cleaning chores done on a regular basis so I turned to them for help. Their professional support ensured I received the assistance I needed and soon I found a top team visiting my home. They tidied, dusted, wiped and more, making my home look better than ever. I was impressed with their assistance and will definitely hire them gain.
Roger E.18/12/2014
     As someone who used to work in the industry, I think that it's only right to praise good work when you see it and that's exactly what I've experienced when I hired in ErithCarpetCleaners. They managed to come into a pressure situation and deliver a full scale, professional clean of the entire place in a really short amount of time. I could tell as soon as I talked to them on the phone that they really knew their business and it is that kind of reassurance which makes all the difference to customers. A really great cleaning company.
John Evans04/06/2014
     I've always found it pretty difficult to get my house clean in any decent way. It's quite large, and I really don't have the time nor the patience to be rushing around with a duster, so I get ErithCarpetCleaners in, and they are quite excellent. I have always found them to be punctual, reasonably priced, and great with the cleaning that I am so terrible at! Best of all is that they are very discreet; nothing feels like it has been moved, nor do I ever have trouble finding things after they have cleaned, which is rare with cleaning companies I find.
Charles Hicks05/03/2014
     I just can't put into words how pleased and impressed I am with the domestic cleaning service from ErithCarpetCleaners. I never liked cleaning and you could definitely tell - my house always looked a right mess! I gave this cleaning company a call and I wasn't really expecting much, but I was thoroughly impressed with the service! My cleaner was friendly and really good - she definitely knew her stuff and I was speechless by the time she was done. My house always looks amazing now and I couldn't be happier. A great cleaning company that always do a fine job!

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